Your Story is our History

Your Story is Our History is a  Mt. Sopris Historical Society educational initiative dedicated to the capture, preservation and presentation of the memories and experiences of people drawn to live in the Crystal River and Roaring Fork Valley.  Your Story Is Our History will provide a lasting record of our local history via MSHS digital archives that will be made available to the public for enjoyment and research. 

This important project was made possible by a generous grant from The Garfield County Board of Commissioners and was produced in collaboration with Walter Gallacher of "Immigrant Stories."  

In Memory

Since Your Story is Our History commenced in the fall of 2013, several members of the program have passed away and are pictured in the banner above. From left to right, they are Clifford Duncan, Bill Fender, Guido Bagette and Dusty Hill. Each man kindly shared their memories and experiences of life in the Roaring Fork and Crystal River Valley and by doing so expanded our understanding of the unique events and characters that have shaped our community. Each story was different but all were inspirational, all were instructive. These men belonged to a generation that is now passing swiftly. To hear their stories and other Valley Elders Stories please click on the video link below. (Clifford Duncan and Dusty Hill's interviews will be available by summer of 2015.)

An Abundant Life

Ruth "Ditty" Brown Perry reflects on her abundant life.

Part I: Valley Elders Remember

Featuring excerpts of interviews with:

  • Ruth "Ditty" Perry
  • Pat Fender
  • Doug Farris
  • Guido Bagett
  • Rusty Burtard
  • Bill Fender
  • Margaret McCann

Part II: Valley Elders Remember

**coming soon**

Featuring excerpts of interviews with:
  • Wally DeBeque
  • Emma Natal
  • Jaqueline Thompson Russell
  • Dusty Hill
  • Clifford Cerise
  • Clifford Duncan
  • Larry Velasquez
  • Chuck Harris

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