2014 Board of Directors

  • Lew Ron Thompson, President
  • Darrell Munsell, Vice President
  • Bill Hofto, Treasurer
  • Marge Palmer
  • Dorothea Farris 
  • Bill Knapp

Executive Director

Beth White has served as the Executive Director of MSHS since 2012. As a professional photographer trained in Museum Sciences, White brings enthusiasm and knowledge that has served MHSH well.


Board Responsibilities

The Mt. Sopris Board of Directors directs the ever-growing responsibilities of the organization. Members are elected at an annual meeting. The Mt. Sopris Historical Society Board of Directors is the governing body of the non-profit organization. It has many responsibilities, including the following:

Attend monthly board meetings (only 1 absence is permitted within a year). Meetings are the second Wednesday of every month.

Serve as chairperson of at least one committee, including:

  • Assembling a group of persons to serve on committee
  • Planning, announcing and conducting monthly committee meetings
  • Reporting back to the MSHS Board and Executive Director regarding committee progress and decisions

Conflict of Interest

Board members will reveal conflict of interest issues and abstain from voting on issues where such conflict exists. In case of a disagreement about whether or not conflict exists, a vote of the remainder of the board will be upheld.

General Responsibilities

1. Setting the policy for the organization. This is done by:
  • Creating or updating the mission and vision statements.
  • Determining the organization’s programs and services.
  • Participating in creation and implementation of Strategic Plan

2. Monitoring the organization’s operations:

  • Hiring and periodically evaluating the organization’s executive director.
  • Working with and providing support to the executive.
  • Approving the annual budget, annual report, etc.
  • Approving major contracts and grants.
  • Soliciting and reviewing program evaluations.
  • Troubleshooting as necessary.

3. Serving as a public figure for the organization

  • Lead Fundraising Campaigns and soliciting donations from others.
  • Advocating for the organization.

4. Fulfilling other board responsibilties as described in By-Laws.


One to three years.